What about security for and about emails?

It has become more and more important and is now often regarded as the most used means of communication: We are talking about email, which is often used more and more not only for business purposes. Customers who have a so-called account with a larger company such as Amazon or smaller online shops and process their orders through them, also need a valid email address to create this account. The same naturally also applies to bank customers who do their banking business primarily via online banking. Password creation, password change or recovery: All of this is only possible in connection with the specified email address. It is all the more important that it is secure and that no unauthorized person has access to this sensitive data and thus access to private or business mail traffic.

However, the danger for the supposedly secure email account often comes in the form of other emails, so-called pishing emails, which are aimed at data capture and password theft. But even without unsuspecting email account holders accidentally revealing your data, clever fraudsters can intercept and read emails if they are not saved as secure emails.

Security gaps in email traffic are so dangerous

A functioning communication via email is simply indispensable as a quick exchange between business partners, customers and suppliers as well as in many other areas. But who thinks that conventional email traffic can in no way be protected and not only intercepted, but also redirected or manipulated?

Most of the time, the fraudsters are so clever that neither the recipient nor the sender notice the dizziness. Not only can passwords and personal data be spied on, but company and business data can also be misused. In addition, it still often happens that mail order orders are placed, accounts are cleared, or even entire identities are used for illegal business without the person affected noticing this in good time in order to limit the resulting damage. But where are the gaps and what can be done about them?

Common incidents attributable to lack of email security

If content of private or business nature is read by third parties, this can result in minor and major damage. In this way, internal, supposedly secure emails to employees can be intercepted and misused for private or business benefits. Redirected offers end up with the competitor instead of the actually contacted employee, who may not even notice anything about this manipulation.

In contrast to securemails, redirected and manipulated emails are always associated with bullying and discrimination. Scams with pishing emails continue to circulate and do not stop at clever business people or unsuspecting private individuals.

Anyone who falls for such a deceptively real-looking email and clicks on the supposedly secure link ends up either on a fake page in their bank or apparently on the page of an online retailer they trust. Whether a virus threatens the hard drive, a Trojan sees data, or asks for passwords for access authorization – these threats are real and far from harmless. They would be absolutely avoidable with the help of Securemails, because Securmails are actually considered safe, not only in connection with email fraud.

When the first e-mail contacts were possible, nobody thought about possible security gaps and for a long time there were no security emails or other security measures. The euphoric joy at the newly gained opportunity to exchange ideas quickly and easily was too great. However, nothing fundamental has changed in this fatal trust in the supposed security of digital networking nor in the inadequate security of electronic data transmission. Numerous users still weigh in the wrong security when it comes to their emails and there are still scammers every day who make use of this themselves without any special information knowledge. Among other things, these send emails under a false name and the like because the conventional emails are just not secure.

Anyone who sends or expects confidential data by email should be aware of how insecure the conventional email traffic is and should do something about it today rather than tomorrow. Securemails that work with encryption offer maximum security when dealing with sensitive emails.

For the first time, Securemails make email traffic more secure than ever before!

With Securemails, your confidential data, whether private or business, is always securely protected from being read or manipulated by others. If someone has gained access and manipulated the content of an email, this is immediately displayed by the encrypted Securemail, so that the recipient of your email can also see whether it actually came from you in this form. Thanks to secure encryption of Securemail, only the person authorized by you can read the content of your email. The encryption of Securemail means secure data exchange for both parties. Both sender and recipient can feel safe and secure when communicating via email.

For which users are Securemails particularly important?

In principle, everyone who transmits or receives important data by email carries a large, almost unmanageable risk if they continue to exchange their emails unencrypted, i.e. not as secure email. But if you are not only responsible for yourself, but also for other people and their data, you should attach particular importance to data protection and security when communicating by email.

The following professional groups or individuals belong to these users, who are also responsible for the protection of the data entrusted to them and should therefore work with secure securemails:

1. Entrepreneurs who work with confidential customer data and must protect it securely against access by third parties

2. Hospitals and general practitioners

3. Banks and insurance companies

4. Tax advice and law firms

5. Authorities and public institutions that also manage customer personal data

6. Research and development laboratories and similar institutes

7. Individuals who maintain sensitive email traffic

8. Online shop and website operator and many more …

What recommendable Securemails can offer

In recent years, the systems around the topic of security emails have not only enjoyed greater popularity, but also grow and mature every day in terms of technology and possible applications. What used to be new technical territory, extremely complicated and also very expensive, is now much easier to scale and more secure to administer. In many cases, secure solutions such as modern security emails can also be expanded and are much easier and safer to use than just a few years ago.

The costs have also become more manageable, which contributes to the popularity of Securemails as a solution for secure communication by email.

So if you want to ensure security in the future in terms of email and electronic communication, you will not be able to avoid the topic of Securemail. Because in today’s digital world, nothing is as important as a securely sent or received email!